Friday, August 28, 2020

Months of Cards

well it has been a few months since my last post and I would have thought I would have made a pile of cards, because there's not much else to do during this "virus time", but if it weren't for the times I needed a particular card for someone or my group Sisters in Stamping who still meet weekly in a zoom meeting, I wouldn't have much to show I am afraid. In our zoom meetings we choose a theme or material to use for cards to "show n tell" the following week. Anyways here's a small collection of cards I have made (and remembered to photograph before sending out).

On the ship one below, you pull up to reveal a colored image and the words stamped: OH SHIP I forgot your birthday. And I forgot to take a photo showing that. We were to make cards with acetate.

The cards below cards were all made with vellum.  
The card on the left was made by running the vellum piece through an embossing folder, turning raised parts white. The sentiment and leaves were glued on top of the vellum and then adhered to a blue panel before adding to the base card.. 

The cone flower was stamped with FSJ inks, giving it sufficient dry times, then splattered with black silk ink and NUVO drops in the center. Not crazy about the black splats, but there's no going back. That stamp set is FSJ Beautiful Friendship, btw. 

I am not really happy with the coloring behind the pink flower. I think it would look better behind a beach scene or lighthouse. Those stamps are from Gina K Designs Best Flowers, stamped with Versamak and embossed in white before coloring with COPIC markers on the back. I used a border die cut to hide the glue behind the vellum piece.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

aLLAMA love

I made this for my granddaughter to go in a package with some little gifts including a pillowcase with llamas printed on it.

I hand wrote the sentiment and then took the photo. But before sending it, I added a lowercase a in front of the word llama. So it is a pun for “all of my” instead of  “lotta” get it? 

This is a stamp set from FSJ and I colored it with Copics. The sunglasses were stamped alone, colored, cut out and glued on, then covered with glaze. I also used a fine pen to add lines on the blanket.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My Easter Card 2020

Thanks to Laura Williams, a designer at Spellbinders/FSJ, for this card design. I also made some with purple  base card.

Here’s a photo from my friend Julie that she put on her Facebook page to wish her friends a Happy Easter.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

A little ducky

Just putting up a card I made for the SCC Audubon Club to send to a generous donor.

I used pan pastels to color the image after Stamping with brown ink. The sentiment was heat embossed in black. Now that I have to stay home, I will try to get more pics up of cards I am making.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Clean and Simple Card

I keep my printed paper in empty dvd cases cut to card front size, which makes it simple to put together a card like this. This paper is from the FSJ Good Life collection, the die is by Catherine Pooler, and the stamp is old TAC one.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ready for a Happy Thanksgiving

Because I had all my fall paper chopped to card making size I was able to quickly make over a dozen cards. Here they are all spread out to get in one picture. I do not think any two are exactly the same, but there are three different layouts. Having double sided paper is great because you have coordinated designs and colors. Also because I have my embellishments organized(thanks to the GOC) I was able to tweak some after looking in only two small drawers, my red and orange/yellow ones. This means I can send these cards out early in the month, instead of my usual last minute routine. Yay!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Love It Chop It

Do you know Kylie Bertucci? 
She is a Stampin'Up demonstrator in Australia with a Youtube channel-Here's the link: Kylie Bertucci 

She has some fun videos to watch-I love listening to her accent-and one of her ideas is about packs of paper, particularly 12x12 packs. She says, and I agree, that if you have paper packs in your drawers stacked deep, you probably will not bother going through them to find a  piece for a card. Or if you have packs of beautiful paper it is hard to make that first cut. But if you love it you need to chop it into pieces you will use to make cards. And here's the thing. If it is out where you can see it in cases that fit on a shelf instead of buried in a cabinet, then you are more apt to use it.

I had 15 packs of paper that I had bought and not even opened when I started my Getting Organized Challenge(see previous blog post), mainly from FSJ, in a drawer in my cabinet. So following KB's advice, I started chopping it up into card size pieces. I put the chopped paper into empty stamp cases with small pieces of the paper on the spine and matching solids on the cover. Here's what those packs of paper look like now right where I can see it.

First thing I realized is I had too much Halloween paper, enough to make more cards than I possibly would send. So I brought it to my Sisters in Stamping group with these cards designed and gave them enough to make a couple cards each.  Here are the cards I designed. 

I made enough for some family members with little kids. 

Then I sent the makings for 6 of these cards along with a finished one to Vanessa and Isabella who have been enjoying making cards in Hawaii. Isa decided to use one as a birthday card that she needed for a friend. She added her own touch of course. 

She added another side to the card for the birthday image and to help it stand up. Vanessa said she thought of the message, "May all your wishes come true" herself. Her friend said it was a card that kept on giving.

She is a very creative 5 year old. Reminds me of when I used to make cards with Luci-she always added her own designs to any card she made.